Darla D Dumas is experimenting with a strange liquid that produces bizarre ameoba-like creatures. When 4 of one color are matched and consumed, WEIRD THINGS happen...


Left and right mouse button

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(305 total ratings)
AuthorBurger King
Made withGameMaker: Studio

Install instructions

Make sure to check the INSTRUCTIONS txt file


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someone made a sfw version

how the fuck did i dream about Dalra D Dumas. does this mean i have a crush on her? 

Thinking a new game similar to this game as interactive (a really good) game. Different types of inflations depends on the blob like creatures she consumed(pregnant inflation types and don't forget the birth scene too).

New high score in the browser mode

world record boys!!! Now time to give my hand some rest

I always fumble at the end and failed to get S+.

lol if only this was longer

I’m on iPad 

that works?

I can’t put the germs at different places

left click puts them in the left side, right click puts them in the right side

Yo where do I get the music, it is truly a bange

(2 edits) (+1)

THE MUSIC IS TOO BANGIN SO I CAN'T PLAY THE GAME PROPERLY. I wish I was kidding, I keep going in tune with the music accidentally switching the mouse. It is simply too tempting. Also edited this to say I did it.

music is bussin

(1 edit)

yo estoy en una laptop y el juego es bueno y entretenido
las ficicas son muy buenas

Yaaaaaay! I´m an degenerate!

... That´s good? ಠ_ಠ


Pretty fun actually.


Right click isn't doing anything 🤔

This should fix your problem.



how you play on mobile 

use the ios browser and type

what’s the iOS browser


I did it. TOTALLY did not take long.

Wish she could get even larger


how the heck have you gotten that score

S+ in browser

ok I play on mouse pad (for some stupid reason idk i guess I'm a dumbass) and my high score is 4600 and my biggest problem is that half the time when i use both my fingers (right click) or one finger (left click) it does nothing where i have to do it again which is a MAJOR setback that and sometimes when i use both fingers (right click) it says it's a left click (one finger) but then again that's bc idk how to clean a mouse pad on a laptop bc it covered in smudges and won't always pick up my finger

good game overall i'm good at it the thing not reading my clicks is probably bc i need to clean my pc mousepad (but i dont bc i am a DUMBASS)

You can get S+ with a mousepad but it takes ages and is absolute hell on your wrists.

Just get a mouse, dude. Save your wrists.


i got the S+ tier again just so i could have proof i got the S+ tier


I got the S+ plus tier 3rd try. then i realized i can click her boobs to make them bounce at the end screen how lovely


Will there ever be an updated/upgraded version of this game


can you make it less hard by letting you actually use the second row of containers?

Right clicking allows you to do that.


right clicking works once in a while but most of the time you cant do multiple right-click ones


skill issue

(1 edit)




would there be any possibility of being able to empty out a container from the growth gass... things because once you accidently select the wrong one at that point your just screwed and there's nothing you can really do...


Is there any way to edit the sprites?


I mean, she isn't wrong, but she also seems to approve a lot, so it's cool :3

i wish to find someone with fetish to like me and have fun together



man, if only this machine existed in real life.

(2 edits) (-3)

ok the things have to be not so fast in order for it to be fun more start time, and when get another size it adds 10 seconds and for easy control if it's just red blue orange and green and 4 things for the 4 colors to go into.

keyboard controls idea: 

W: to put red in top left bar till full

A: to put blue in top right bar till full

S: to put orange in bottom left bar till full

W: to put green in bottom right bar till full

but that low key gives me DDR vibes with a twist


A way I think this game could be improved upon is rather than having a time limit, you could do levels and have the ameba's worth different points and travel at different speeds and as the levels increase so does the general speed of them. If you could do that, that would be awesome if not its not a big lose to me. 

I don't get it at all, I just got an F coz I kept failing (I think anyway) could someone explain it too me? I just figured out about it being the same colour too get a good one but that's it idk how too stop all the one's from hitting the top without getting a bad combonation


Left click for one color right click for the other.

Ok thx


( > w < ) ^^ just got psychotic !! idk why, i just come back to this game every couple of months or so. the remixed music and cool gameplay is just fun

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