This robot woman is too friggin small! Press Z to pump her up big, but dont go to fast or else!!


Z to pump

X to release pressure when the robot woman has a certain expression


Dumb expansion thing done for 24 hour game jam, there is no end so just close the game whenever you get bored of it.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(109 total ratings)
AuthorBurger King
Made withGameMaker: Studio

Install instructions

extract all the files in the zip into one folder


Download 8 MB


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two things I like for you to do make it for Chrome OS and possibly make it to where she doesn't go off screen possibly make it to where if you make her too big to explode

Ummm is there a way to make this work for Androids by any chance 😅



is there even an end

well that filled up my entire screen lol

what is chat doing in this game


this is game is so cute and sexy :)

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go big mode


im just gonna ask for one thing 

i just want to the camera to zoom out when we gets too big


The Title feels like a reference to the Peter Gabriel song Big Time


no she didn't go invisible just way too big for the screen


robo man breaking his robo neck


Holy shit you weren't kidding.


Honestly a pretty relaxing game. I feel like this could be used as a good stress reliever idk that's just me tho. 

Btw I love your banner it's pretty damn awesome!


When this game ends?

It literally says the game has no end in the description...smh


Make more cool Games Burger King, Let your dreams run Wild!


Please update this, if it had a popping animation and more moans it would be perfect





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Such a shame this game doesn't have an ending, kinda leaves you there blueballed,

I just made her a giant, I've planted my crops and I wanna enjoy the harvest T_T


Not everyone enjoys popping mate.

I finally made her go out the screen!


Can you make a version where we can see how big she got?