The Dragoness is on a rampage! Stop her before she reaches The Burger Kingdom!!


Hold Z or Spacebar to fire,

Release Z/Spacebar to block (Blocking right before impact gives you a short boost)

M to mute the music.


Made in 72 hours! Downloadable version runs smoother than the in-browser version.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(121 total ratings)
AuthorBurger King
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsDragons, fat

Install instructions

Extract all the zip files into the same folder, run "Gourmage vs The Dragoness.exe"


GourmageVsTheDragoness.zip 18 MB

Development log


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Ngl i thought i did worse cuz i missed a lot of blocks but I got 84 thousand

she was a few seconds away from the town :(

Edit: Sorry didn't see the decimal point, it was 84.(some number i forgot)

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in the browser

can you make levels pls

my record

ay nice, even though i feel bad for liking it XD

se me iso complicado, darme cuneta como era la tematica de los controles pero es muy buen juego






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please add more characters!

also good game you made bt

i have an idea for this awesome game: if the dragoness whas on the last fat stage and gone on the burger city, you world get the "what ending" just an idea if you want to add i'll be happy lol

lol literally got a score of 69.

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 Sub 58 is actually possible. Holy shit

I bet you to beat my my score of 61.800 seconds

beat it with a score 61.592


I got 61.400

XX.XXX i died

whats coming up next?

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cool game i liked the end music btw -w-


Now this is a fun little game! Took me a while to get the hang of the blocking, but it's pretty great all round... heh... round...


the problem is that people dont know or like how to draw navls after invflation happens


notice my bellyfull life is best game



Can you make part 2 of this game?


I like you Burgerking!

(1 edit) (+3)



this is a great game!
good pixelwork,nicely designed characters (both the dragoness and the little gourmage), and the controls of the game were simple and nicely balanced...

i like cute, challenging games like that, and you have created  a very enjoyable and beautiful game in general.

keep up the good work, and plz make more games like this!

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nice stuff man, what tool/program did you use to create this and your other games? ive been wanting to create stuffin' games of my own.

game maker studio 2!!
It's a little intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it you can make 2d games in it very quickly

aye. thanks for the reply. godspeed.

how you get these characters?

yooo i got a sub 60 run like 58.19

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i cant figure out what i press to start the web version

pretty good game man

give me a chip

yeah somebody give this man a chip


how the heck do i get the game to start


Just download the game


Extremely impressive for a 72 hour game. Really great looking spritework and a lot of care and attention even in the small details. I really love short, high quality games like this one. Thank you for making it!


thank u...

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Good job! I have to ask that you do not post screenshots of the victory screen in full though, please.

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While the gameplay is something simple, it's fun

I need more fat dragonesses

or other anthropomorphic fatties

Glad I found your games through Weight Gaming

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