A bandito and his lovely bullfrog wife are talking a nice stroll through town... unfortunately his wife just eats everything she sees, so the bandito will have to shoot anything that isnt an insect to keep her happy...


Left Mouse button to fire

Right Mouse button to reload



PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(180 total ratings)
AuthorBurger King
Made withGameMaker: Studio

Install instructions

download zip and extract all files to one folder...



WalkwithFrogWife.zip 14 MB

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The first time I tried doing is to shoot my bitch of a wife with a gun! But I cannot! Fuck! This games stinks!

Thumbs up for that!

It's a pleasure to comment with ya. I have an idea for a new game for you to add. Similar to walk with frog wife but only a nsfw interactive with a frog wife with types of inflations(and pregnant inflation and birth scene). Different types of bugs she eats gets different types of inflations. (You can play it with or without her clothes on, if she gets too thicc and big her clothes rip apart but where's the fun in it.)

one of the hardest games Ive ever played on a damn laptop, fuck, I need a mouse damnit

Why my wife eat cactus? Lmao

cuz shes hungry


Why im playing this if im homosexual? oh! i remember...this game is SUPER COOL


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there has to be a name for porn where their expanding belly lifts their skirt like that, it is so god damn hot




figured id put this here since no one else has done it

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R.I.P frog lady


Hey what's the ending music called?

Is it an original? If so, that's a cool tune.


ok cool, I found it myself after searching for a while.

Songs used were "Western Village" and "Blue Monkey Boss Theme" from Ape Escape 3. Solid choices.


hey typing a comment here (since yer a bit hard to reach on twitter). just wanted to let ya know that some guy took some footage of the game, posted it on youtube and is making ppl pay like 10 bucks on his patreon to just reveal the name of yer game.
the channel's name is Kusemek

also the game itself is pretty cute, keep up the good work!


I posted a comment on his video saying the name of the game


Likely getting deleted.


i've been sourcing the name to games on his community tabs and video comments, and yeah lmao. dude deletes them within' the hour 

LOL. it isn't even on his patron, looked thru it via kemono, it wasn't anywhere, you literally HAD to search to find the game.


and wat ending is dis one?


what ending is this?


bad ending


im homeless without being poor


holy shit i think i got the secret ending

I got this ending before. Normally I dislike weight gain/big belly/eating type games, but this game is too cute for me to knock.


lool I came https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXc


rickroll sing doodoododooododdo


Great game, SUPER HARD to get the best ending! Here's a screenshot of the best ending so you don't have to torture yourself!

i got the best ending the first time i actually tried wym lol


can we some more sexy stuff and better navel?

this is soo fun!!

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the secret ending


hint on how to get it?

Dont destroy the no frog signs.

I got this and i destroyed all of those :/ ig i missed one idk lmfao


Thank you! Best ending is really good but this one is top notch.

Aww... I can't feed her rocks to slow her down? Still, great stuff! Too many games these days try to do something never before seen, but we don't need something groundbreaking every time.

This is just the best, thank you letting me live that Frog Wife Life!


WHen you get all the bugs shooting birds barrels and cops and ghosts and homeless man you will get a THICC ending


Mad cute, just wish it went on a little longer. 5/5


add vore clips


… what?

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u should add a mode were we play as frog wife


aye, ape escape music brings me back to the good ol days...

good game


Frog wife so cute.



Cute and funny concept that plays well!

Pretty damn good game! Loved the concept and the gameplay, honestly overall it was a pretty good game ngl. Cant wait to see what you come up with next! (^0^) 

Try to make part 2.

can u add no limits plz 

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if indie game design could pay the bills i see you as becoming another toby fox ngl, the art style, the animations, the music, the concept of this game as a whole has me in awe. i hope to see either more from this idea or just more really great games from you in the future. also i watched rango earlier today and all i could think about while playing was that movie lol.


it is a vore fetish ? but the game is very fun maybe a follow-up on this story of this frog because she is very interesting with her capacity


Ok game, finished it, it was fun!

Don’t see why it needed to be NSFW, wish the “eat radius” was clearer, difficult to see anything at night.

it's because, afaik, this was made to somewhat cater to the vore fetish


love this game, wish it could be expanded in the future idk, good job :)


ᶦᵐ ᵗʰᵉ ⁿᵉʷ ˢʰᵉʳʳᶦᶠᶠ


Beep boop bug report: if you shoot something just at the same time your frog wife puts her eyes on it (pupils growing white), the game just freezes and turns black. a cool method of fixing this would be to implement an animation where your frog wife just fails to catch something with her tongue, to make your bug a feature in the game.

it's a minor thing, but kinda gets in the way of experimenters like me who like to nitpick every single aspect put into the game.

Other than that I've enjoyed the game, it was cute and very lovely. <3


thanks! i won't fix it!


spoken like a true developer


Damn, fair enough.